Friday, September 2, 2011

Always watch the register

1) We had pizza night. I had a great coupon for "buy a large get a medium for free".

2) Lesson learned. I will admit, I never watch my items being rung up at the register. I do look at my receipt when I get home. I was excited when I went to HyVee to get a Pork Shoulder, it was on sale for $1.99/ lb. Gotta love an unexpected savings! Well, when I got home I realized they rung me up at the full price of $2.99/lb. Ugh! Well, don't worry, I made a phone call and made sure I would get my money back. So my sweet husband went back to HyVee to get my $3.50 and to get my roll of hamburger, while the girls were at their dance class. Ugh! part deux. The rolls of hamburger we all gone! But thanks to my hubby, I got a rain check. So I still get my 5 lbs of beef. (Please note: I didn't spend extra gas to get my savings. He went to the HyVee next to their dance studio and I will cash in my raincheck tomorrow when I do my regular grocery shopping.)

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Mom2TheseBoys said...

It's hard to watch the register when the cashier's are SOOO talkative and personable. NOT.